Bringing LIFE TO HOME

            A call to live in community

                  Valuing each individual


The Vivante Community is located on a 3.5 acre site in the Day Valley area of Aptos where individuals are living together with intent, building on the best of our personal gifts and those gifts discovered as a group.

                                                THE STORY

As we dream of ways to bring together a group - while honoring the autonomy of each person - we at Vivante are unfolding into an ever-evolving community.  We long for a world where we pause and share with our children beyond a few moments a day, where our elderly are not warehoused until their eminent death - but cared for and listened to - and each persons physical/spiritual and financial well being is nurtured and valued by all that would touch thier lives.

We want food without chemicals, fish without artificial dyes or mercury, and indeed, have the voice of an individual be as loud as a large corporation. When the individual voice is valued beyond our current social norms and is heard from a place of acceptance, will this single octave of one heart know the path of his or her own life?

A new way of hearing is emerging in our world. By being a part of someting greater than the seperation found in living in individual boxes we are finding more of ouselves and specific paths for inimacy and Love are being created. Simply said; we are becoming, and in this becoming we are imerging with more specific intent than ever before!

We have been building; now 15 or so are sharing. We have had others with us who have come and gone, from 95 yrs. to 6 months old. Some have left the planet and some have moved on, still on this spinning globe.

So here we are: this website is an invitation to create community with us. If you have interest in how your life might be more alive, if you want to put into action your talents and have a supportive group to play with, well..... we might be a match. If you want collaboration with a group for how all your ‘parts’; spiritual, physical, financial, sexual, and, at the core, your inner talents could be encouraged- Well ...

Call and connect. We are happy to discover what might be possible with you.

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An estate in Aptos CA inviting you to live community.